Angry ass Asian American with a camera.

Never any parking on my block… when I do get one, they post up “No Parking, Tow Away Zone” markers after I’ve gone inside, leaving me with a $50 ticket when I get up in the morning…

Thanks, CapHill… :(



When the fly API sister from the building next door stops to congratulate you on your parking…


You should follow up with “If you like the way I park, you’ll love the way I drive….straight into your heart”

LOL- there are so many ways this could spin…

When the fly API sister from the building next door stops to congratulate you on your parking…

This was supposed to be my week off to catch up on my comp time and get some mental health/self care time…

I’ve already put in 45 hours of work this week…

But at least I’m getting a pretty good handle on this criminal code stuff… plotting ways to mitigate furthering narratives of criminality while creating a space to create positive changes for immigrant communities… ohh, the plotting :)

Immigration Law… Tax Law… Labor Law… Criminal Code… 

I can’t take it anymore O___O *brainmeltsoozesoutofears*

Also, not a lawyer, but still supposed to try to learn all this… maybe they should send me to law school pay me more? Or at least give me better timelines…

I’m a big old bundle of feels right now…

I’m going to just hide out here in my apartment until they subside.





Muhammad Ali helps talk a suicidal man off the ninth floor of a high-rise structure in Los Angeles, 1981.

Why have i never seen this before?


You know why you haven’t seen this before

The same reason you don’t see a lot of black history

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Steven Yeun - GQ Magazine - March 2014

WWSW: What Would Steven Wear

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Look what I got last night? ;)
Shoutout to Ryan over at Harbour Lights Social Club on South Federal (in Denver) for this new addition! Check out HLSC for some quality ink, fresh cuts, or just to kick it for a bit!
A modification of Sakura Square’s logo- part of Japanese American Colorado on a Japanese American from Colorado :)

ink, Ink, INK, INK!!!!!!!!

I’m getting ready to head out to get my next piece done!

We are a new generation of young, creative, hopeful, and loving Asian Americans.


And we are here to kick ass.


Today in labor history, February 11, 1903:  Japanese and Mexican laborers unite to form the Japanese-Mexican Labor Association to fight the labor contractor responsible for hiring at the American Beet Sugar Company in Oxnard, California.  They refused to work until their grievances were addressed and by the first week in March, over 90% of the county’s beet industry labor force had joined the JMLA, bringing the sugar industry to a standstill.  The laborers ultimately won most of their demands.

Solidarity and multi-racial organizing is part of our history as Japanese Americans. Let’s not forget that. Let’s also remember that we were seen as too radical for the fields and were pushed out.

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This day needs to be over with quickness right now. Co-led two classes at a local college today, pulled together weeks of notes on a lobby day, did a grip of lobby work, reviewing abuse complaints and about to go to an event as photographer… when am i supposed to get my work done again?

Am I the only one staring at my post about Executive Order 9066 and baffled as to how it’s camped out at 966 notes right now? o__O

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