Angry ass Asian American with a camera.

Remember when President Obama said: “DREAM Act! First 100 days, for sure!” or “Now is the time for CIR.” or “Raids and separating families is not an American value.” and all the other things he used to get everyone excited?

Or maybe you remember him passing the 1,000,000 people deported mark this year. Or setting the goal of deporting 400,000 people per year. Or how he supported the expansion of [In]Secure Communities across the country, against the will of local jurisdictions and in the face of evidence of just how flawed the program is. Or how he said his administration isn’t deporting DREAMers- except when it does. Or how ICE enjoys the use of cowboy offices across the country who don’t follow what comes out of the DC offices. Or how divisions within his own party helped defeat the DREAM Act in 2010. And how certain Senators of his party continue to justify their inaction by referencing the shell of token legislation that Senator Menendez introduced….

Well, here’s a good way to remind President Obama that the Immigrant Youth Movement wants to start 2012 off on a better foot with him. Help his heart to grow for 2012 :-)

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