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Jorge only has till the 30th! Help him be reunited with his little one!

Sign it! Call! Share!

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URGENT: 300 Calls to ICE for Jorge Herrera!


Hello All,

Jorge is from Nicaragua and migrated to the U.S 18 years ago in search of a better life. He has formed a beautiful family and raised 2 young boys. Jorge was arrested 2 months ago in Gwinnet County for driving without a license and has spent these holidays away from his children. He is currently being held in North Georgia Detention Center despite posing no risk to society. The wife found out that her husband is set to be DEPORTED TODAY despite having no criminal record! Her children are devastated and we reach out to you as a last effort to help this family! He is as low priority as it gets, has 2 US citizen kids and has been here for more than 18 years.


Call the Atlanta ICE office at: 404-893-1210

Sample Script: “I am calling to urge ICE to release Jorge Luis Herrera (A# 070-676-761), who is currently being held at North Georgia Detention Center. Jorge has been in the United States for over 18 years, has two U.S. citizen children, one of whom has severe asthma. Jorge is an active member in the Baptist community and is a low-priority case that shouldn’t be detained. Release Jorge from North Georgia Detention Center.”

Our Goal for today (Friday Jan 18th) is 300 calls!!!

Please share the graphic and make those calls!!!


do it!

18 years here… with kids… stop this deportation!

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URGENT: Jorge was taken out of North Georgia. As we speak he is either being transferred or deported! →



PLEASE make some last minute calls for Jorge and share this widely!

The DC office doesn’t want to take calls because it’s after 5pm… maybe those assholes should stop trying to deport people after 5pm



URGENT: Two Georgia teens will spend Christmas at the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office unless ICE drops their immigration hold.


Both Emilio and Erick were stopped by a police and charged with driving without a license.  Both teens are DREAM Eligible, Erick having lived here since he was 10 and Emilio since he was 1.


Call ICE – John Morton @ 202.732.3000 

Sample Script: Hi, I am calling to ask that ICE lift its hold on Erick Lara (inmate #914358) and Emilio Castro (inmate #914405).  Both of them are DREAM Act eligible and are being held by the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office in  Georgia.  Please lift your ICE hold so these DREAMers can go home for Christmas.

We need at least 100 calls today, if you can have a family member make a call as well. Thank you.

Massive 1,100+ year old Maya site discovered in Georgia's mountains →

i find this to be fascinating. totally fascinating. especially the thought that seems to have prevailed in national imagination of a segmented and compartmentalized continent hemisphere.



Athena was last seen on May 27, 2011 at 1485 Beecher Street in Southwest Atlanta. Her boyfriend and father of her son claims they got into a heated argument and she stormed out the house at 3am. She has not been seen or heard from since. Her family states under NO circumstance would she leave her 16 months-old son, King.

If you have any information on her whereabouts, please contact the Atlanta Police Adult Missing Persons Squad at (404) 546-4235.

Read more about Athena’s story here.

Click through the picture for Athena’s missing person Facebook page.

Signal boosting- folks in Georgia.

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Krog Tunnel, Atlanta, Ga

Photo by Hira.


No to HB87! Amazing/inspiring pic by Caitie Elle of what’s going on in Georgia today!

Ain’t no power like the power of the people cuz the power of the people don’t stop!


This is Nathaniel Deal. He is the Governor of Georgia. 

About a month ago, he signed a very anti-immigration bill into law, titled HB 87

 So, all over Georgia, the issue of rotting crops has been viral among the local news media, some made it global as The Economist covered it in this weeks issue, magnifying the farm labor shortages. Even before the signature of the bill, farm associations all across Georgia had advised Gov. Deal to veto such caustic act. But, Deal, who promised a more “comprehensive” legislation against immigration during his campaign trail, ignored all outcries and signed the boorish bill. 

Now, reports and investigation (whitewashed) estimate that Georgia’s $1.1 billion fruit-and-vegetable industry could suffer $300m loss. 

Agriculture, to Georgia means a whole lot more than what most believe it to be. Away from the busy downtown sky scrapers (kind of), and highways, agriculture is the biggest industry in Georgia. It employs about 13% of state workforce, and generates about $69 billion overall. 

With the crops rotting on the farm soil, and no day-laborers, (that would be our parents and our friend’s parents), Governor Deal promulgated this “novel” Solution that would solve the labor shortages *(it is noted that about 70% of American Agricultural workers are undocumented). Deal’s plan was to supply the estimated 11,000 jobs to unemployed probationers. 

Well, there was two participating farms in a pilot program to see if this “novel solution” is even operable. Here are the results :

Georgia immigrant crackdown backfires

oopthee ?? Here is a simple quote that basically sums up the whole article:

“Those guys out here weren’t out there 30 minutes and they got the bucket and just threw them in the air and say, ‘Bonk this, I ain’t with this. I can’t do this,’” said Jermond Powell, a 33-year-old probationer working at a farm in Leslie. “They just left, took off across the field walking.” 


EXACTLY. those are the kind of jobs our parents and our community takes on to give a better life for us children. The pain and sacrifices they endure for OUR future. We don’t even get paid that well. Don’t you dare tell us that we are here to munch off your system. We paid well enough for the opportunities, this government has already restricted, through blood, sweat, and taxes. 

Angered but still sincere, 

 The Undocumented, Unafraid, Unashamed, and Unapologetic

P.S. in your face Deal! We already told you this would happen. This isn’t even counting the damages you are doing to the rest of the younger/student community. 

(Bolding by me, but this is the reality that the rest of the South (and the rest of the country) needs to understand!)





(WASHINGTON, D.C., 6/8/11) –- CAIR is calling on American Muslims and other people of conscience to ask the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) to intervene in the case of a Muslim weightlifter in Georgia who is being banned from tournaments because she wishes to compete wearing modest Islamic attire (hijab).

Request that the Muslim athlete, 35-year-old Kulsoom Abdullah ( of Atlanta, Ga., be allowed to compete in the USA Weightlifting Senior Nationals to be held this July in Council Bluffs, Iowa, pending the outcome of a formal hearing on her request for reasonable religious accommodation.

CAIR is also requesting that both the USOC and USA Weightlifting advocate on her behalf — and on behalf of women of all faiths who wish to compete while wearing modest attire — with the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). (USA Weightlifting is a United States Olympic Committee National Governing Body (NGB).)

Abdullah, who competes in the 48kg and 53kg weight class in the women’s senior division, reported to CAIR that USA Weightlifting prevented her from participating in the American Open in December 2010 due to her desire to wear modest Islamic attire covering her hair and body with the exception of her face, hands and feet.

The ban on Abdullah’s competition has been maintained despite her requests for accommodation and her willingness to work with USA Weightlifting officials on a solution to the issue of attire that will satisfy the legitimate requirements of all parties.

In a letter sent today to USOC Chief Executive Officer Scott Blackmun, CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad wrote in part:

“USA Weightlifting has apparently rejected Ms. Abdullah’s repeated requests for accommodation of her sincere religious beliefs and practices. Officials of USA Weightlifting cite International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) rules in rejecting any accommodation and in refusing to discuss a mutually-agreeable solution that would allow Ms. Abdullah to compete while maintaining her religious principles and without giving her an advantage over other competitors.

“As you know, the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act requires that USA Weightlifting not discriminate based on ‘race, color, religion, sex, age, or national origin’ in order to maintain its status as a national governing body…

“It also states that an athlete must be given ‘fair notice and opportunity for a hearing to any amateur athlete, coach, trainer, manager, administrator, or official before declaring the individual ineligible to participate.’…

“No athlete should be forced to choose between faith and sport. Muslim women seek to participate in all aspects of American society, including sporting activities, and should not face artificial and arbitrary barriers to that participation.”

Awad added that this case is not occurring in isolation. Earlier this month, an Iranian women’s soccer team was barred from an Olympic qualifying match in Jordan because of the athletes’ modest attire.

SEE: Iran Women’s Olympic Dream Crushed by Dress Code Ruling


CONTACT the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and USA Weightlifting to request that Kulsoom Abdullah be allowed to compete in the USA Weightlifting Senior Nationals to be held this July in Council Bluffs, Iowa, pending the outcome of a formal hearing on her request for reasonable religious accommodation.

Also request that both the USOC and USA Weightlifting advocate on her behalf — and on behalf of women of all faiths who wish to compete while wearing modest attire — with the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). (USA Weightlifting is a United States Olympic Committee National Governing Body (NGB).)


Mr. Scott Blackmun

Chief Executive Officer

United States Olympic Committee

27 South Tejon Street

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

TEL:             719-866-4529      


Copy to:,,,,,,,

Mr. John Duff


USA Weightlifting

1 Olympic Plaza                                      

Colorado Springs, CO 80909                    

TEL:             719-866-3383     

Soccer possible plausible mumbo jumbo, but banning hijabs for weightlifting? What the everlasting **** is up with that?

Signal boost!

To anyone who tried to justify the banning of the Iranian women’s soccer team by saying “But it’s because Iran makes them wear it!” - What excuse do you have for this one?


immigration reform fever is raging in georiga….

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