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Vandals have set fire to a disused 12th Century mosque in the centre of Jerusalem and left graffiti insulting the Prophet Muhammad on its walls.

Jerusalem’s mayor denounced the attack, which caused no structural damage.

The incident is being linked to a wave of attacks by Jewish settlers and right-wing extremists angered by what they see as Israeli government attempts to restrict settlement building.

The Nebi Akasha mosque, apparently built under the Ayyubid dynasty in the 12th century with additions made under the Mamluk dynasty in the 13th century. It is believed that the mosque was founded on the burial site of combatants in Saladin’s army, though an ancient tradition designates the site as the place where Akasha, a friend of the Prophet Muhammad, was buried.

The mosque is uniquely located in central Jerusalem in the midst of a Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood. It was abandoned in the Israeli War of Independence. Its was recently renovated and turned into a municipal storage facility.

Graffiti spray painted on the historical site included inscriptions such as “Muhammad is Dead,” “Muhammad is a Pig,” and “Price Tag.”

(Photos: Emil Salman / AFP)

Fuck this disgraceful zionist vandalism. Price Tag? If you support “price tagging” you have shown me that you are a horrible human being. bad enough a 12th century mosque is being used for municipal storage, to have these zionist thugs out vandalizing in the name of holding onto occupied territory, displacing and oppressing fellow human beings, and showing just how racist, xenophobic, islamophobic and nationalistic you can be.

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Offended? Why would I and anyone who respects people and themselves be offended that you identify an entire nation by one physical feature? After all, you’re simply saying that people with slanted eyes must have abnormal vision and can read this, leaving normal vision only to the round eye Europeans. Are you sure these slant eyes are defining of ONLY Japanese people? As you know, we have to check the facts of everything, especially if it’s “Too FUNNY not to pass on” to the eyes of millions on tumblr. Offended? No, not in the least bit. In this was offensive in anyway, you would not need to give everyone a warning of how not offensive it is. Offended? No, I am not offended that my culture has been minimize to you eye test. Oh yes, in case you decided to use the race card that you’re Black, Yellow, or hispanic and thus can’t be racist against other people of color…FACT: POC have internalized the racism against our own people. Hence, double eyelid surgeries to satisfy your standard of beauty. So much for “PeaceLoveGene”…


No offense to japanese people, but you know this shit is funny!!

Oh no, what is this…

Right, no offense taken. I mean, why would the assertion that my eyesight is inherently inferior because of my ancestry be offensive? Why would anyone consider the broad diversity of eyelid shapes (psst, eyes are eyes asshat- it’s the exterior features that vary) for a continent of people being stereotyped as non-normative (psst again, there are a shitload more Asians than most other people so you might want to reconsider normative) as offensive? Why would anyone get offended at the subtle links to desexualization of the Asian male in Western culture (“Pull yer eyes like uh Japanese to read this,” “If you have to do that to read this, you probably dont have sex- burn!”)? Let alone the linguistic failure of “pulling the corner of your eyes as if you were Japanese” - I know I don’t, and I’m pretty sure most other Japanese and Japanese Americans don’t make a habit of “pulling the corner” of our eyes as part of our daily lives.

This shit is not “Too FUNNY not to pass on” it’s too fucking RACIST to not call out.

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U.S. Soccer fans need to chill. Same thing happened when Mexico beat the U.S. in the Gold Cup. It’s just a soccer game. Get over it. 

Yeah, if you think we live in a post-racial America… I submit, Exhibit A[-holes]. It’s a soccer tournament. Sometimes your team is good and wins. Sometime’s it not as awesome and comes sofuckingcloseyoucanalmosttasteit but loses in the final. That’s no reason to put on your racist/xenophobic/jingoistic pants of ignorance and spread your offensively misguided degradation of people of color. #mmkaythanks

Previous Fox ‘News’/Fox Nation post was originally posted up at HUMNAN HUMAN EVENTS. So I thought I’d see what else was up there. Here are the first two comments that popped up. W.T.F. America…

To misguided/ignorant/racist/xenophobic/nativist/fearmongerer, Niniane: STFU.

To 907611, we’ve tweeted this conversation to death already. When you rail against people who don’t speak English, while you yourself fail at using English, you need to GTFO.

While we’ve received positive feedback many Hmong listeners who let us know that they found the song in question very humorous, we apologize to anyone we may have inadvertently offended, as this was never our intent.

- KDWB-FM and the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show, responding to complaints about their airing of a racist song “parody”.

Subtitles “We’re not racist- look, we found a Hmong guy who liked the shit we talked.” Also, you should really have someone review your press releases and “we’re not racist” letters. Failing to construct a clear sentence in your “but this Hmong dude liked it, so we’re kinda sorry, but only tangentially” letter just makes you look even more inept.

No, I need you to open your eyes. Wider. No, really, I need you to open your eyes wide, like this. Are we going to have to force them open?

- a white optometrist to me while putting me through some of the basic eye exam equipment.

I’m part Japanese, and I’ve NEVER had that problem with any other optometrist. EVER. Needless to say- after that feeling of otherness, and disdain, she never got my business again….

My eyes [not counting the myopia] are neither defective nor deficient, so #GTFO

After learning of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, my class was watching videos of the coverage. I have two friends in Yokohama I was worried about. My classmates made jokes about Japanese people, mentioning Godzilla and saying “ching chong ching.” I burst into tears and they still continued.

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America- the whole “ching chong” thing- is racist, ignorant, and offensive. And Godzilla? Really? #bloodboiling…


Earthquake in Japan… comments, classy as always. 

The Ugly American Abides….