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Obama to See Asian American Caucus For the First Time →


I think it’s disturbing that Obama is only meeting with the Asian Pacific Islander caucus now, several months after he began working on his re-election campaign rather than in the first few years when there could have been a stronger difference made on behalf of minorities. Frankly, the GOP has not done a very good job at reaching out to Asian Americans either. Despite the fact that APIA’s are the fastest growing minority in the United States, our voice is still relatively ignored in the immigration reform. 

This is part of why we need to organize more, get more active and raise our voices as a community. And waiting til now is total vote pandering. but then again, watch my surprise…. :-|


Fox News Headlines Vs. The Actual News Headlines - II

Fox News cited each of these “actual news headlines” as their “source.” 
Fair and balanced. Yup.


There is a reason Fox viewers are generally the most misinformed news-viewers…. And it’s not an accident…

Rep. Weiner is resigning, yet Sen. Vitter abides?

Rep. King dismisses history and fact to pursue his shameful Islamophobia in the halls of Congress, while DHS backs off of investigating right-wing extremism in the US [effectively rewarding his self-righteous indignation]?

Is this really happening? Clearly, this is not a comprehensive list of the WTF-ery going on in government, but it’s a lot for just a couple of days. Are we really letting our political institutions bow to the whims and hype of the right-wing echo chamber? Are we really so scandal averse as to back out of confrontation in the face of insanity? Woe the country whose political dialogue is a shouting match without facts, determining the winner by who can shout loudest the longest- no matter how wrong they actually are…

America- you are not living up to your promise…