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One of #denver’s biggest, most popular book stores has an #asianamerican section of one. single. book… So much #fail. (at Tattered Cover Bookstore)

also, this blog has been RLD since I started it.

anyone asserting otherwise, clearly isn’t doing their research.

ahem *theexpandingshitlist*

why this shit keeps having to come back up, i dont even know… i keep getting put on blast for… why? because people can’t keep this clear? RLD = RLD. no name change, archives are there. done.

#Moti was all excited and wanted to hang out with me while I had a hookah. Soon as I sat on the couch, she turned around and went to sleep on the other side of the couch. I see how it is… #bfffail #dogsofinstagram (at All Brown Everything)

A little offended



As an Asian-American girl, I’m a little offended that Glee decided to make Tina’s superhero, Asian Persuasion. LIKE REALLY?!? You don’t see anyone else’s superhero based on race!

Ewww, wtf Glee. My niece watches this show…

Fuck you, Glee. Fuck you.

How is a fetishized stereotype a superpower?

(via sarah-laughs)

51% of Asian American voters reported that they were not contacted by GOTV efforts; however, of those contacted, one third was contacted by community organizations.

It’s cool, not like we’re one of the fastest growing groups in the country… not like there are 18 million of us…

I move her bed to next to where I’m about to be working through the night. What does she go lay on? … -___- #moti #dogsofinstagram #dog #fail #bff (at All Brown Everything)

Invites DREAM eligible youth to speak at DNC, fails to put helping undocumented folks on party platform graphic both on the same day they deport a mother of a 5-year old US citizen & survivor of domestic abuse to Ukraine…



I hate the model minority/Asian workhorse stereotype.

Especially when I perpetuate it by working myself through hours no one else seems to do with as much frequency as I seem to end up doing.

i should really be working…

but then tumblr happened….

whoops… look what’s landing in my spam box now. maybe you guys are overdoing the emails… just a bit. If only they sent out emails supporting undocufolks with this much vigor…

Oh, Foursquare…
Can you spot what’s got me shaking my head?

Official Apology to Black Community →


This may be the most bullshit “apology” in all of human existence especially when you consider what she said in her tweets. Protip: The internet never forgets calls for genocide.

^link to full fuckery of Jenny Hyun’s screencap (see previous post).

It’s not an apology if you tweet more racist shit and then say “sorry guys, I mean- not reaaaaally sorry. But I’m afraid of Black folks and think they might come after me.”

Someone please take away Jenny’s interwebs. Please?

Garrett Hedlund offered lead role in Akira. Crap. →


The  news  seems to be getting worse and worse.  I am not an “Akira” fanatic or purist„ don’t watch anime.  In fact the movie went over my head when I saw it on its initial release.  However all the white washing and race bending is getting out of hand.  I’ve read that the movie isn’t going to take place in post apocalyptic Tokyo.  So what is the point of calling it an “Akira” remake?  Akira is Tokyo.  How can you not embrace that, Ho’wood?!?!  Shameful.

And Tron Legacy put me to sleep.  Sorry Garrett.

Kaneda - now, Garrett Hedlund

Neo-Tokyo - now Neo-New York (does that even make sense? New New York?)

So basically the idea was “We like the story line, but we don’t want to have to deal with all those yellow folks… let’s make the story about a white guy in Amerikkka. But let’s not change the story too much. Cuz it was still a cool story. Except for the Japanese people everywhere. And the names are edgy, futuristic sounding, so we might keep those… maybe.” What the whitewashed fuck, Hollywood? Really? Do you think Amerikkkans won’t watch movies set in Tokyo? Won’t believe in an Asian leading man? GTFOH with this…

Oh, Google…

Remember that time [9/21/11], when President Obama said ‘you can’t just come to the UN and get a vote to get Palestine to be a state. I mean, c’mon, you need to sit down and negotiate a solution face to face. That’s how things work.’ and then you were like, ‘hey- wait a fucking minute. how did Israel do it? oh, right… #awkwardsilence…

… because that whole ‘you two can just work it out while Israel continues to unilaterally colonize Palestinian land and say FUCK YOU to UN resolutions' thing has been making so much progress.
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