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Obama to See Asian American Caucus For the First Time →


I think it’s disturbing that Obama is only meeting with the Asian Pacific Islander caucus now, several months after he began working on his re-election campaign rather than in the first few years when there could have been a stronger difference made on behalf of minorities. Frankly, the GOP has not done a very good job at reaching out to Asian Americans either. Despite the fact that APIA’s are the fastest growing minority in the United States, our voice is still relatively ignored in the immigration reform. 

This is part of why we need to organize more, get more active and raise our voices as a community. And waiting til now is total vote pandering. but then again, watch my surprise…. :-|


If I can give you only one reason why public transportation is awesome, it’s that you could converse for half an hour with a stranger about the soothing comedy of political memes (because talking about the weather gets boring after a while).

During our conversation this evening, we decided the only good way to understand memes is in the context of understanding how this circus functions.

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Rep. Weiner is resigning, yet Sen. Vitter abides?

Rep. King dismisses history and fact to pursue his shameful Islamophobia in the halls of Congress, while DHS backs off of investigating right-wing extremism in the US [effectively rewarding his self-righteous indignation]?

Is this really happening? Clearly, this is not a comprehensive list of the WTF-ery going on in government, but it’s a lot for just a couple of days. Are we really letting our political institutions bow to the whims and hype of the right-wing echo chamber? Are we really so scandal averse as to back out of confrontation in the face of insanity? Woe the country whose political dialogue is a shouting match without facts, determining the winner by who can shout loudest the longest- no matter how wrong they actually are…

America- you are not living up to your promise…




Infographic: Tax Cuts for Millionaires vs. Nutrition Assistance

House Republicans recently proposed $833 million worth of cuts to the Special Supplemental Nutritional Program for Women, Infants and Children, or WIC in next year’s budget (FY2012), the equivalent of kicking between 325,000 to 475,000 eligible mothers, infants, and children off of one of the nation’s most cost-effective programs. Ultimately over $650 million in cuts to the program are on the table in the bill that Congress will debate later this month.

[Right-wingers] justified the cut on the grounds that tackling our nation’s deficits requires “shared sacrifice.” But the tax cuts they recently fought to extend will give away more money to America’s 300,000 millionaires this week than it will cost to adequately fund this critical nutrition program for all of next year.

Not exactly “pro-life” of the GOP to throw women, infants, and children under a bus just to make millionaires and billionaires even wealthier, is it?

I want to make posters of this and put it all over the Capital building. Or I would if it wasn’t illegal to fart in the wrong place there.

They’re pro-life, unless you’re already born and actually need to eat.

The GOP standing up for Family Values… err, rather Families with Valuables.


Lowering the Overhead

As Forbes points out, 94% of the US debt problem comes directly from policies set during the Bush administration. At the end of the Clinton administration, the CBO was projecting a budget surplus of $12.7 trillion, but today it the debt is at $14.3 trillion. How did that happen? About 50% of that is due to the Bush tax cuts, and 12% due to Bush’s increased spending for two wars and the unfunded Medicare prescription drug benefit.

Federal tax collections as a percentage of GDP are the lowest they have been in over 60 years. But the Republicans refuse to raise taxes. In fact, they want to cut taxes on the rich even more, which is what got us into this mess in the first place. If cutting taxes for the rich creates jobs, then we should be awash in them right now. Bush cut taxes dramatically, but had the worst job creation in 60 years.

For Republicans to claim that they care about deficits is the height of hypocrisy. What they are trying to do will more likely destroy our country.

THIS. Ohsoverymuch, this.

"Our focus should be on ensuring every U.S. citizen American who is willing to work has a job instead of (filling) jobs with foreign laborers," Gallegly said. Immigrants often compete for jobs with low-income laborers, he said.

- Rep. Elton Gallegly, R-CA, Chair of House Immigration and Enforcement Subcommittee.

Is it just me, or does it sound like in the first part he calls for massive government intervention to ostensibly subvert capitalism? Alternately, “The focus of government should be in ensuring all citizens have a job (not that we’re offering to pay) and that those darned corporations shouldn’t choose who they hire, unless they hire who we want them to hire. ‘Free’ Market #ftw.” Ooops, guess he didn’t want to come off that way. </snark>

As for the rest of that hearing, I’m beyond disgusted that the focus of this three person hearing was to try to cause friction between people of color. The GOP is looking down and pointing out that things are tough for communities of color, but instead of confessing that it’s their boots stepping on us, they’re scapegoating immigrants. Please, we’re not buying the feigned attempt at concern.

Sunday Sympathy

Sympathy goes out to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Put on the spot to explain why repealing Health Care Legislation makes sense and how the Boehner Plan, despite falling well short in all measures, is a better plan: *gulp*, *fumble*, *uhh, well, here’s what we think in broad generalities*.
He looked so uncomfortable- haw can anyone believe this???

*update* Sympathy revoked.

DG: So will you call those engaged in [birtherism, speculation about President’s Birth Certificate] for what it is? Illegitimate, and crazy talk? Isn’t it irresponsible to not address it?

EC: Well… Now… I, uhhh… I don’t think it’s nice to call someone crazy
-Meet the Press