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Suddenly there was a loud banging at the door and voices shouting “Police!” and “Policia!” When no one answered, the agents tried to force the door open. Scared, Jesus hid in a closet. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents began hitting objects against the bedroom windows, trying to break in. Without a search warrant and without consent, the ICE agents eventually knocked in the front door and shattered a window, shouting racial slurs and storming into the bedrooms, holding guns to their heads. When asked if they had a warrant, one agent reportedly said, “We don’t need a warrant, we’re ICE,” and, gesturing to his genitals, “the warrant is coming out of my balls.”

The ACLU and ACLU of Tennessee this week filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of fifteen residents of the apartment complex who were subjected to this large-scale, warrantless raid by ICE agents and Metro Nashville police officers. Among the plaintiffs are U.S. citizens, including a child detained and interrogated while playing soccer on the playground simply because of the color of his skin. Looking Latino and speaking Spanish is not enough to justify probable cause for questioning and arresting a person. Another plaintiff was carted away in handcuffs in front of his frightened and crying children.

“We Don’t Need a Warrant, We’re ICE” » Blog of Rights: Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union

that comment about the warrant coming from his balls—make no mistake of it, this type of sexual aggression during these raids is completely normal. The first raid that I covered had agents with guns forcing women to expel milk from their breasts to prove they were lactating (those who are breastfeeding children are often released for humanitarian reasons—not becuase ICE/the government is kind and cares—but because of legal human rights laws)—while the women were expelling milk, agents were mooing at them and making nasty sexualized comments.

it really hits home about how sexual violence is so intimately connected to control and power…

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Metro Nashville law enforcement wants us to believe that their 287(g) program is carefully administered and free from bias.

Fuck them.  They are the same people who made a woman give birth chained to her bed.

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Don’t ever be confused to think that ICE is as humane and friendly as they stay trying to spin it… Rampant machismo, sexualized comments and threats are part of the character that is ICE. Every account I run into has these same tell-tale signs of a degenerated and dehumanized rhetoric. They told women coming back from a church retreat in Texas to sign their voluntary removal orders or else their children will be taken from them and given to be “PROPERTY” of the state…

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undocumented people and community members in chicago stand up against SComm on Wednesday 8/17. Event starts at Haymarket Memorial at 5pm.
fuck your program. give me my rights.

Chicago, [In]Secure Communities creates fear, sows distrust, permits abuse, denies rights, drafts local police into the deportation dragnet and most importantly— causes pain, suffering and separation for real people, real families and all of our communities. Fuck S-Comm, support the community, show up, support IYJL and listen to the voices of those directly affected by this horrible/abusive/failed program.